Jealous Friends

Hi Brooke!
So I have been working in SCS since April and have made so many changes in my life and my career – I really have been blowing my own mind at what I am capable of and how confident I feel. And this entrepreneur work? Oh my gosh. I am loving it and can’t wait to see how much more exponential growth I am going to find.

Now that I am finding success…the haters are creeping out in my friends circle. I knew this would happen – after May’s (or was it June’s?) work on relationships I actually had decided (from a place of abundance) that I didn’t want these people in my life anyway and have been distancing myself from them. But I am still having a hard time changing my thoughts when I hear the rumors they are spreading about me. I know (intellectually) that they are allowed to do and say anything they want about me. But I still find myself wasting mental energy being annoyed and hurt. I know the rumors come from jealousy and the more success I find, the more rumors will continue.

The rumors specifically are about how I don’t work hard for or deserve my success and the action I want to take is to defend myself or tell them off – tell them they have no idea how hard I work and that if they quit playing the victim, maybe they would find success too. But, again, I know that’s not helpful nor coming from abundance. I remember you talking about blue hair – if it isn’t true I shouldn’t be offended. But I still am.

So how do I change my thoughts so that my action is coming from love?

Anyway I’m tired of wasting energy on this and I know I need to learn this now because it won’t get any easier. This all reminds me of The Big Leap, which I could probably stand to reread right about now.

But any advice?

Ps I’m so excited you’re in Dallas! It’s my hometown 🙂