Being jealous of someone vs being inspired

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been organizing my thoughts into the categories you named in your episode on how to organize your mind.

In the appreciations “room” I have a section of people who inspire me and thinking of this creates such positive energy and emotions for me

However there are also people who do amazing things but instead of being inspired by them I’m jealous. I listened to the episode on jealousy and how jealousy comes from a scarcity mindset and that there’s a limited amount of success available to everyone, but I don’t think that’s really where my jealousy is coming from because I can see that just because they accomplish something it doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish it too. I think it comes from a palace of thinking that person doesn’t deserve it and wanting them not to have the success. This obviously creates a lot of negative emotion… so I’m wondering if you could speak to why people might feel that way towards others and what a more positive mindset would be