Jenna & Raquel – primitive brain BFFs

So…just a funny little share…
I decided I wanted to name my primitive brain so when she acts up I can tell my friend who also listens to your podcast that “Jenna” is at it again. So I got a text from my friend and she decided to name her primitive brain “Raquel”. Her text “Raquel is a shady as fuck bitch who thinks she’s the shit and likes to start and make up unnecessary drama. She pretends to be our friend but she can’t be trusted.” So Jenna and Raquel are best friends. Jenna is more of a cave dweller and thinks there is danger around every corner. She’s the first one to tell me that people are staring at me and no one is going to like me if I leave the cave.

I highly recommend that people name their brains – it’s so fun and makes being the watcher quite easy.

Love you Brooke! Jennifer