(Jessica) Beliefs

Interesting topic this month! I wrote the other day about my 4# weight loss and was thrilled but cautious. My body didn’t seem less bloated but the scale read #134. I was so proud of myself and thought, I didn’t have to be as strict as I anticipated. I believed I could loose weight and was even more dedicated to the protocol and increase in movement. Then I realized that my scale was wrong (literally, it was miss calibrated). I had not lost weight and even gained a pound. My old thought patterns came through, I can’t loose weight, change my protocol, it will never work and on and on. It was funny to watch how different I ACTED when I thought I lost weight to when I realized I didn’t loose weight. Then it hit me. This is what I always do. I am just repeating an old thought loop, old patterns and repeating the past.
I will not be derailed! I will vow to tighten up my protocol and forge forward. That is what I do. Readjust till I get the result I want. I will act as though I am at my goal weight which would mean massive action:
A tight protocol (measure my food and IF with an eating window between 12-7) – increased activity (I have an appointment to start at a new gym tonight) – attention to my self care (get my nails done after work, grab some extra sleep this weekend) – water intake (64oz today) – focus – documenting my eating (take my journal with me) – watching my thoughts and having a plan at night when I want a treat (like tea with cream) – get to 100 urges and have a drink plan and an eating plan for the weekend.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
I am off to get coffee with cream while I fast.
As always thanks for listening.