(Jessica) Drink protocol and eating urges

Hi! I wanted to say thank you for all your help and encouragement as I go though self coaching scholars. I sat with a strong food urge last night and it had a tight grip for what felt like a half hour but was really about 15 mins. After that time, I could feel the hold loosen and dissipate. I was so close to eating! It was all so urgent at the time but it was interesting to watch it. I am not really sure what caused it yet but I relaxed into it. Progress!!!
Drinking protocol model
C: Work party
T: What will my drink plan be?
F: Fear and anxiety of over drinking and getting sick
A: Drink plan for four drinks with water in between each drink and food before I drink.
R: feel like shit and fuzzy on Sunday

C: Work party
T: I need a drink plan! I don’t want to be sick and feel fuzzy
F: Anxiety
A: Three drinks with food before and water in between
R: Anxiety that I won’t stick to three drinks. I will end up ruining Sunday and have a crappy day.
R: I have my own back and know that three drinks are reasonable and doable for me over a whole night. I will still feel decent in the morning and will enjoy the day and the evening.
This result feels weak to me even though the thought of being sick gives me tremendous anxiety. Thoughts?