(Jessica) Eating protocol question

Hi! I have been fasting consistently for about two weeks from 7-8 pm till about 11-12:00 the next day. I have really tuned into my protocol this week. I have lost and gained the last 10# for year. I am done and looking for guidance. I have written into my protocol for fruit for dessert with whip cream at night. I am challenged by the mornings. I think about food and my stomach starts growling around 10:30 so I have another cup of coffee, sugar free hard candy and stay busy. Am I avoiding my feelings? I don’t think so, I am thinking it is a habit that just will take some time. Or maybe the fruit is causing me to be hungry earlier? Thoughts? I want to be free from food dictating my life. I start to feel the same way in the afternoons but since adding fat it seems easier. Is tea in the afternoon avoiding food? Please advise.