(Jessica) Updates

Hi! I just thought I would share my progress now that I am getting ready to enter into my 6 month with SCS. Now that I have realized how I was buffering with constant dieting, caregiving, people pleasing, attention seeking behavior, avoiding real work and learned about my manuel I have for others, life has calmed down a bit. I still have work to do but feel more at peace! I know pay attention to myself & love no flour no sugar and fasting. It has taken me 6 months to loose 5# and I have as good as lost the last 10#! I see it now! I now strive for peace, courage and to always have my own back. I love to move my body, eat what serves me and constrain all in my life. I am learning to navigate my own self and life instead of others! Most of all, I am someone who has stopped punishsing myself for my past! Now on to learning not to judge others, holding space for people and learning what I want for my future! Thanks Brooke! P.S. I love my one on one coach Katie! She has pushed me a little harder!