(Jessica) Wanting to jump ahead to the results

I am now an official VIP! It has been great! I have eliminated my anti-anxiety medications and significantly reduced my symptoms of a chronic illness (I believe due to no flour/no sugar and making my self care (sleep) a priority). I have also started to chip away at my excess weight (10# down since January) and I am intermittent fasting which I never thought I could do! I have been asked to fill in for my manger while she was out on leave (only after being in this job less than a year). I am now ready for more money, more weight loss, more patients with my family and the ability to plan the shit out of a day, including an amazing morning routine, so I can produce amazing things. I feel like this should now come naturally and I should be there by now but I feel like I am starting over and need to go back to basics – models, 100 urges, learn and move on – you get the idea. Is this how you guide people in the middle of their transformation to renew their commitment?