(Jessica) What to ask right before I eat the cake?

Hi! I am loving all of the content! I am getting caught in a pattern that I need help with. I am trying to loose weight and decrease my drinking. I have have been doing this for two months now. I keep thinking I am missing something but I know exactly what I am doing. I am eating too much on my protocol. I have been fasting till 11-12:00 and eating between 6-7:00 pm. However, I am allowing too many treats. I say “no sugar” and then I eat off protocol and have cookies. I did this three times last week. Since I am almost at my goal weight I am sure this is enough to stall progress, even though I try to tell myself it is because I am not eating breakfast or drinking too much cream with my coffee! I can spot what I am doing afterwards, like soothing my exhaustion or dealing with a particularly emotional day. What I need guidance on is how to pause before I make a decision to eat or a sentence to tell myself before I take the first bite or some handcuffs! I am purposefully planning activity each day, shopping for healthy food, writing down my food, adjusting my protocol, documenting my urges and thoughts that I was thinking before I ate the cupcake. I feel if I can get a hold of this area things will click. Any ideas?
I love and feel the same way about Podcast episode 84. I also enjoyed the Podcast episode on Constraint (funny considering my above question). Do you have any book recommendations or more content regarding constraint. I love practical tips on simplifying my life!