(Jessica) Working my model on Deprivation

C: Food off protocol
T: A little won’t hurt, everyone is having desert (this thought is quite and insidious!) What will I do while everyone is eating? I deserve this. “We love to go for ice cream” “My mom loves it when I bring her a treat” “My family loves it when I bake” “I like feeding my family and making them feel good with food” I want to enjoy with them.
F: Deprivation, FOMO, Lack, not part of the group
A: Eat off plan
R: Stay stagnant, stuck and repeat the same thing over and over again.

Intentional thought
C: Food off protocol
T: Don’t deprive yourself of your goals
F: Control
A: Stay on protocol and enjoy my families company. The focus is taken off of food.
R: Weight loss and progress towards my goals. Less chatter about food and options in my head. CONSTRAINT.