Hi! So I have done so much learning from you and it has been crazy intense here. Some ideas clicked yesterday and I realised I needed to provide more value at work and not just to get more money (which will come with it) but also to increase my job satisfaction. I asked a friend/coworker to help me come up with a game plan (probably could have done it myself if I gave myself time but I think in a way it was more so someone knows my idea and I have some outside accountability) and we came up with a general plan. Now I am working on ideas to present to my boss. So far I just got to work and I know what to do but have not started yet. My brain is freaking out and I am trying to keep it calm. I know I can do this. This is what I needed. I will do one step at a time, massive action. My body is jittery and I feel like an excited kid who is maybe in love. I am at moments thinking it’s exciting to do this and at moments its fear. I am fine with both. Please help and provide me with some possible obstacles that might come up and some good thoughts to with too. This will be awesome!