Hello, my fiancé just found out about a new job he will be getting and I’m super excited for him. We will need to move. I haven’t ever really moved that far away from my family before. He is also moving before me for a couple of months. But I have all these worries. He will get settled in before me. He will make new friends before I meet anyone. I’ll be lonely. I really just think too – Well what about me? It seems like I’m going to be giving up a lot to follow his job. I also have so many thoughts about meeting new people. I’m afraid I won’t make new friends. I’m also worried that my identity is going to be lost in this whole process. I want to be able to do things for me too. I have a crappy self esteem which doesn’t help any of this. Without him, I feel like I’m not fun or interesting. Overall I want my thought to be that it’s a beautiful opportunity for both of us and It’s the best decision we ever made for our lives. I also want to have better thoughts about myself. But right now, my minds in a spin.