job change from abundance?

I can’t wait until these coaching concepts are a normal part of our kids’ schooling experience! Just since discovering this Podcast a few month ago, I’ve had multiple epiphanies about myself. Thank you, Brooke, to the moon!

–How do I verify that I’m shifting from one job to another from a place of abundance? The thought that I might be trading one C for another from a place of scarcity is haunting me, but maybe this is my way to stall. What is a useful exercise for this?

—In my last job, I quickly burned out: all work, no play, 24/7 call for high acuity, life/death situations. Scarcity and grumpy, condescending colleagues. Fast forward to now– a new job, collaborative, kind partners, great pay, very busy, but WITH down time for self care. I feel like I now have the mental space to reflect on my purpose and my goals–THANK YOU SCS! My big goal entails eventually quitting to be an entrepreneur- but Brooke, your insights are spot on, so when I hear you coach people on shifting careers from abundance, I wonder- am I shifting from abundance or am I shifting from scarcity? How to determine? I know I can live my purpose in my current vocation. But I don’t necessarily want this flavor of money making activity. My big dream is work more in alignment with my purpose and with how I want to show up and live the rest of my life. What’s a means to figure out if I’m romanticizing my entrepreneurial goal from scarcity in my current job?