Job Decision – Conflicting desires

My current job contract is coming to an end in May.  The company that employs me is having some financial struggles and management difficulties.  I am staying in indecision whether I should stay (and extend my contract) or go.  I have a 50/50 list of why I should stay and why I should leave.  I want to leave but I also want to stay.  I have great reasons in both scenarios.  I am confused and creating more and more overwhelm as days go by.

C: Contract coming to an end
T: I am not deciding whether I should stay or not
F: Anxious
A: Analyze the good and bad in my job, find evidence that it is not a match, find evidence that it is a great job, try to look for opportunities without envisioning myself in them, distracted at job.
R: I am fighting with myself

I would love some feedback on my model and where to take my thought work next.  Thanks!