Job fit – lp

I’m in a job where I am consistently in over my head. I really don’t know how to do a good job here and I really just don’t think this is the right job for me. Although I see how this will probably just happen again if I switched jobs, which I’m afraid of, too. I understand that my thinking is causing me suffering and I keep keep keep trying to change it and love my job and not blame it but when is it just time to accept that I’m not a good fit for this job and to find something else? It feels so shameful to admit that I am not good at something, especially something I worked so hard at to become (web design). I just hate almost everything about it now. I have no confidence in my abilities. I hate talking to clients (I am afraid), I am afraid of doing things wrong and afraid of being the reason a project fails. All of these thoughts I know cause me to buffer and hate on myself and blame my job and other people and become powerless and a victim to my job. I realized this week how much I fear taking responsibility for myself because I believe that I will screw something up and then when I do, I’ll beat myself up. I don’t know what to do. This is totally my woobie. Just put it down, right?