Job Hunting Thoughts

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been at Facebook for the past 3 years working in a training role. A couple months ago my director approached me to let me know i have strong training abilities and leadership potential. However, the team i’m on is an operations based team and they don’t have the budget or headcount to promote me. My director iterated that they would like to help me find another role internally that would better align with my career aspirations.

This was a positive conversation. But once I thought more about it, the fear about leaving a team that I like and have been successful in creeped in. Then my manager and her manager started following up with me to look for teams and asking how my ‘job hunt’ process was going. I felt taken a back since internal transfers are usually self directed…I don’t think this was their intention but I almost felt pushed out.

I started looking for new roles internally and even externally, and have already been rejected from a few roles I felt over qualified for that required less experience than I have on the job description. I’m getting discouraged, but I keep hearing your voice in my head saying that I need to fail 100 times before I succeed, and to not give up. A few years before finding this program, I would assumed that maybe training wasn’t ‘meant for me’ or perhaps the universe is telling me to move to a different area to start over. Now I think I just need to get more backbone and push harder towards my goals.

What would you recommend for daily practice to keep my confidence up despite the rejections. Daily work book and thought downloads, and daily models on negative thoughts? here’s my current model:

C: Getting rejected from Jobs
T: I’m not meant for the job of my dreams, since i’m obviously qualified for these jobs. Universe is shutting me down
F: Shut down, sad
A: Not look for more jobs, spin in confusion
R: Stuck in same job that is not helping me grow.

Desired model:
C: Getting rejected from Jobs
T: This process is meant for me, and will make me stronger. I will keep going and improving with each job I apply to
F: Confident and resilient, hopeful
A: Keep applying and interviewing for more jobs, improve my process to get closer to my goal
R: Eventually get a new job that will help me grow