When you job is to influence others…

I’m new to SCS and relatively new to your podcasts… so while some of the personal work makes sense, I’m having trouble translating to some things at work. I mostly love my job, and a huge component of it requires influencing others to action.

I’m struggling with whether I have a manual for the leaders in my organization. My requests for their action almost always result with the action needed, but there are a couple of individuals who appear to not understand (but they are smart people and will tell me individually that they do understand) … and they comply, but not with the right spirit. I’ve previously thought they really didn’t understand the importance of their attitude on the employees, but as I’m working through these exercises, I’m wondering about my approach and thoughts.

I’ve used an example something that should be an easy action, but causes a lot of feelings to bubble up in me. How do I focus on just one thing in the T or F lines?

C- Leader asked the organization to take an action but rather than explaining the importance, said something like “we just have to do it” and sighed…maybe rolled eyes. Maybe says something like …because (my name) says we need to
T…lots of them…- Well, here we go again. No one will be inspired by that. He’s given no reason for compliance. Everyone will wait for last minute. This makes my job harder. Now I have to track until the last minute, cajole, remind, etc. I am unable to motivate him to understand how his attitude translates to the organization in so many ways. It’s obvious he has no respect for me. He’s making me look like a tedious unimportant person who focuses on trivial concerns. He makes things that are important to our company seem unimportant.
F: disappointment, resignation, hopelessness when dealing with this leader – I’m an inadequate advisor to him who is unable to convey to him how important what he says/does, weakness, minimalized
A: Plan my actions: tracking, cajoling, reminding for everyone in the organization.
R: Lots of extra work for me that shouldn’t be required. Cycle back to other feelings… frustration, etc.