Job Issues (money, purpose and searching)

Hi Brooke,

I have done the model on several issues and written different thoughts for each model to change/manage my old thought patterns, however nothing seems to stick. I have had many many jobs over 35 years, and the endings are often less than anticipated. I understand the past was supposed to happen exactly has it did, because it did, but I am having a hard time “believing” these job issues were meant to help me in some way. I feel embarrassed and disappointed and my thoughts come back to “what is really going on here” instead of this was meant to happen. A pattern is a pattern. So much of my job hopping has to do with money (must be employed regardless of the job- I have done the money work and still seem to need to hurry up and get a new job, even at my age, as if my identity is tied to earning not being) and a sense of floundering when not working. So my question is : what do I do when the intentional model and intentional thoughts do not sink in, even as I write over and over again. Thanks!