Job – Model 1

For over 30 -60 days, I will work on improving my relationship with my job. I have got tons of coaching regarding my job but I feel like I should do this everyday and do models on it. So here’s my first model:

C – Coworkers at my job.
T – People at my work treat me poorly
F – Miserable SO Small Literally So Small Powerless disempowering, Helpless
A – See the activity and how they behave in the lens of them treating me poorly or unfair. Giving away all my emotion power over to my employer, just completely ignore how I am feeling and what is going on for me, be unavailable for myself, yeah just don’t want to do anything feels like I have no energy of even doing this work for myself, blaming them, complaining about stuff that I don’t like at work, not give much value, beat myself up, resent my coworkers, not participate in meeting, judge my employers, complain about having to put time log, complain about how I don’t ever have time for myself, yeah force myself to do the work even when I don’t want to do it, not be present at work, get angry at my employers, not show up at my business, not wake up early to take care of myself, not ask for a raise, not be all in, not like how I am showing up at work, resent myself, not ask for a raise and hope they will provide for me.
R – I treat myself poorly

Okay So I don’t like how I am showing up at work. There are many other thoughts that is causing me to feel and act in a certain way.
In the above model, do I change my thought or do I change my action line as in I start taking care of myself?