Job Opportunity Abroad

Hi Brooke,

I work for an international organization and a job opportunity in Asia was posted last week that fits my profile. It’s a job I have had my eyes on for several years and always thought that if it comes up I will apply – no matter what. Now that it is possible I am full of doubts (classic, right? :-)).
Some background: I am based in Europe and the headquarters of my organization is in the States. I am married with two children. My oldest is going to start school in September – and we just got the confirmation that the school we wanted to get into accepted him. My husband is self-employed and generally open to my applying for the job posting. My husband’s business is super-flexible and he could do his work from anywhere really. I have been working with my employer for over 10 years and in my current position for 5+. I got promoted last year and am for the first time in a long time comfortable with my job title, my work program, the level of freedom that my manager provides me with to manage my work program, my ability to manage the work-life balance now that my children are out of the toddler stage.

I have lived abroad- outside of my own country for half my life by now. I have always loved being abroad, experiencing new cultures, learning languages. Being married to an internationally raised husband (who is from a different country than my own); raising multi-lingual children (while giving them roots – which matters a lot to me), living in an international city and working for an international organization are all things that stimulate me and fill me with joy. It’s not the easiest way to live and work but it is what I have always wanted for myself.

I have defined my purpose as follows: I want to live an authentic life according to my own values.

The job posting has triggered a whole storm of thoughts going through my mind at the moment.

Here a condensed thoughts download:
– this is your chance to go on your next adventure: you have been living in this city for over a decade – time to move on
-I feel at home here, we are abroad but within easy distances to our families, this is a perfect compromise
-I am for the first time since I had my children in a comfortable place in my life and am starting to juggle work and family life without a constant feeling of overwhelm – why rock the boat?
-Am I too comfortable to take the next step?
-I do not want to pull the cart alone: if we move to Asia for my job we will change the dynamics in our relationship and family-dynamics: my job will become the focal point for many other things in our lives such as putting our kids into and paying for (international) schools
– I am worried about losing connection to our European families – while our parents are ageing
– I am a very intuitive person: I used to “know” what I needed to do. Moving abroad was never just a rational decision for me. Each move was always motivated by a strong inner “calling” to do this. Not feeling this calling now confuses me. Where has it gone? 😉
-is it “good enough” to stay here?
-Is it “good enough” to just focus at the moment on having as much time as possible with the children?
-I would love go on an adventure with my family
-I would love to experience life in Asia
-I would love to travel more with my family (we travel all the time :-))
-Do I have to move to Asia to go on and adventure and travel more with my family?
-I would love to travel but not necessarily to work in Asia
-Am I just trying to find excuses not to apply for the job?

I could go on forever but I think you get the idea. Any guidance on how to get out of the thought loops and finding clarity would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!