Job opportunity

I have been with my new employer for 3 weeks and it’s a good fit for me. The employer has other openings so I let my former co worker, Laura, know, and sent her a text that I could pass on her resume. Her response, “I hope you are doing well.” I texted her back and asked if she was interested, if not, “no worries.” No response. Crickets.
So I called her after work, I received an immediate text “Can you call me later?” My response “Enjoy your weekend.”

Both of these responses strike me as generic responses that you can select & send automatically without crafting your own thoughts. So, I am done and struggling to have a neutral response. I know if she was interested she would say so.

C Texted former co worker about job opportunity
T She doesn’t want to say she’s not interested
A call her
Receive text response to call her back
R believe she’s not interested

I want to get to an intentional thought that I am okay with co worker’s lack of a direct response.