Job perspective

I would love some perspective – I totally know that I need to change my story about my job on an intellectual level and I also know that 1) I’m choosing to be there 2) I appreciate the income that helps me pay my bills 3) I do a good job and go above and beyond to be a great employee and 4) it’s not my job’s job to make me feel good, that’s my job. I’ve noticed that as the day goes on I get worn down and don’t manage my mind well and thoughts like:
C: current job
T:I don’t like this place
F: annoyed
T: I don’t like this work
F: resentful
T: This work is exhausting
F: exasperated
T:I should be doing something else
F: frustrated
T: This is too much time to be devoting to something I don’t like
F: annoyed

The actions that these thoughts drive are pretty similar(complaining, attitude goes downhill, not present etc.) and these thought loops are deep. The result is that I want to be anywhere but there and I just exhaust myself trying to be positive and grateful while I’m choosing to stay there. Also, what is perfect about this is that I know I’m choosing to stay at this job, choosing to believe these thoughts and the interesting thing is that my mind is convinced that a different job is the answer. I know that it might be easier to think different thoughts at a ‘better’ job but that’s not the point.

I am excited to grow through this experience but feel like I’m in a blind spot around a different job, building my own business etc. being the answer.

Thanks for your wisdom and insight 🙂