Job progress

I think I’ve just made some progress on my thoughts about my job

Unintentional thoughts
I suck at this
I can’t make more money somewhere else
I hate myself
I don’t know what I’m doing
My boss will think I think I’m better than him
I hate this

Intentional thoughts
Maybe nothing is going wrong here
Maybe this is a fine job
Maybe I can make more money
Maybe I can earn more
Maybe I can kill it in another job
Maybe there’s nothing wrong with me
I can love my boss and choose to leave if I want
I love this job
I love myself
I am free to do whatever I want
I can leave whenever I want
I have valuable skills
I am willing for my boss to disapprove of me
I know exactly what I’m doing
This is all so perfect for me
I’m so glad this happened
I’m going to use this experience to serve the world