Job “rejection”

So I wrote earlier about applying for a job, going through three rounds of interviews plus reference checks, the company being extremely positive and informally offering me an exciting consulting opportunity, only to have them completely drop the ball three weeks later and stop communication with me suddenly. It was very strange and threw me for a loop, because I really wasn’t sure how things changed so quickly, especially since all the references and interviewing had been over for awhile so it’s not like they had any “new” information about me to change their mind. In any case, I did a thought model on the idea of rejection that went something like this:

C: Job Offer Fell Through
T: They rejected me
F: Terrible, sad, despair, wanting validation/explanation, stewing and feeling sorry for myself
A: Trying to come up with an explanation, inaction around things I have to do
R: My current business/job is also suffering/falling through

My question is: I was trying to turn around the current model so that my thought was something like “They didn’t reject me; something happened that had nothing to do with me and that’s why I didn’t get the job” or something around rejection but then I thought, what’s so bad about being rejected? What if they rejected me? Maybe that should be in the C line?

C: They rejected me
T: So what?
F: It’s okay for people to not like you or think you aren’t not a good fit for them
A: Able to move on rather than try to come up with another explanation
R: ? Not sure how it “proves C”

I know “rejection” seems like it’s a negative thought and should be a “T” since it cannot be proven in a court of law, but it seems to work better as a “C” here. Thoughts?