Job Search Help

I have received coaching on looking for jobs before which has been super helpful, but I have some more questions. Brooke talks about going out into the world and getting exactly the kind of job you want. I know that I want to become a life coach and right now I need a full time job to earn the money to pay for the course. I am looking for full time jobs and I am seeing jobs that I don’t have experience in. For example – Boat Manager or Emergency Management Director. I don’t have direct experience with those types of jobs and they are asking for direct experience. They do pay the amount I want and at the hours I want. How does that work if I don’t have direct experience in that type of work? Do I just try anyway or go for jobs where I know I have experience because I know the ins and outs and can create larger amounts of value? I want to make $50,000 this year so that I can pay for the coaching course and pay off the rest of my debt. There is a job I really want in teaching and they offered me the job, but they are only paying $30,000 even though I asked for more. If I went out and got exactly the kind of job I want (for now because I want to be a coach) – it would be working with others – helping them or teaching them or being creative at $50,000 and working only 40 hours a week. In the area I live though, there aren’t many options for that or people paying that amount. Do I just walk into a business and ask for that? Or maybe a school? A lot of jobs I’ve applied for already have asked me why I wanted to work at their business with no direct experience. Am I missing something to this?? Thanks!