Joblessness frustration

I have been searching for a job (senior level) for the past four months to no avail. I have had a couple of interviews but they did not work out. I am questioning myself and the value that I have to offer to the marketplace and the world, and a recurring thought is “I will never find a job” or “I have no value”. I have been working on changing this thought to be more productive and keep taking action but I’m confused a bit. My IM and UIM are below.

C: No job for 4 months
T: I will never find a job
F: Dejected
A: Inaction and buffer
R: No job

C: No job for 4 months
T: I know how to find a job. There are many organizations that need my skills. All I have to do is to find them and show them why they need me
F: Motivated (to keep taking action)
A: Network, apply for jobs
R: Increase odds of getting a job

I do see how the IM is helping me move in the direction of getting a job. But I can only control my actions – what if no one wants to hire me, or if I’m perceived as having no value? I can’t get a job regardless of what I do since their actions are really outside my control.

What do you suggest I do? Is it a matter of getting a better intentional thought? Or should I be doing something else?