Journaling struggles

So, here is the models I did this morning after my thought download:
C – I stop writing my journal and think instead
T – I struggle staying focused on my journal
F – annoyed
A – I come back to my journal and write for the sake of it but do not get any benefits, I finish it quicker and get agitated, go and do something else, distract myself
R – my journal is filled by forcing myself and without any connection to my intention so I don’t feel like I took care of myself doing it.

I struggle doing this model, it’s hard to find the actions and the results without going back to thoughts and feelings.

So I took the time to feel my annoyance and realized that I feel that way because I’m not fully confident in my abilities to come back to my focus and I’m not being efficient which is important to me.

Here is my new model

C – I stop writing my journal and think instead
T – I like how I manage to come back to what I’m doing Everytime I get lost in my head for a few seconds
F – capable
A – I write my journal and the ideas that came up if I remember and think they are worth writing, and I accept that I have so many it’s ok to lose some, others will come
R – my journal is filled with who I am, my thoughts, my feelings and is very representative of me and I feel like I took care of myself

So even though I feel like I’m not doing this properly I can feel the benefits of doing these two models because I actually quite often manage to go straight to the second one because it happens quite a lot! I think it might depend on what kind of thoughts I have when I get lost and also how much time I have to do my journal. And I realise there are other models to do with these maybe ^^

I think the hardest for me is to find the C and the R, how can I get better at it? What can I put in the R ? Can it be feelings or does it have to be absolutely objective like the C?

Thanks for your help!