Joy Eat Obsession

I decided to eat baklava once a week as a joy eat. I buy it at the seasonal market every Wednesday. I’ve noticed I’m obsessing about Wednesday and living for Wednesday. Just so I can have that piece of Baklava. I’m thinking maybe I’m not enjoying my life very much if the best thing I’ve got going on in my brain is Baklava. I’m also buffering a lot with busy work and Facebook as well as finding creative ways to include a drink here and there. I’m having a hard time pinpointing what I’m avoiding exactly other than “all of it.” My daily download has something different in it every day, though common themes are husband, children, business, and living in a small town instead of a city. I’m not sure where to start working or if nothing has actually gone wrong that I just dream about Baklava all week. It’s hard to pinpoint what’s bothering me the most.