Joy eat turns into binge

Hi Brooke, my joy eat turned into a binge eat. I ate far too much chocolate, didn’t stop when I stopped enjoying it (well, kept telling myself I was still enjoying it but I couldn’t have been because at the end I felt very sickly, too full to move and snappy with my kids rather than happy and ‘delighted’ as my brain told me I would be when I embarked on the joy eat! What is best to do afterwards? I’m not wanting to wallow in int or beat myself up but I do want to learn from it and identify what caused it. Interestingly I continued to check in with myself and kept reminding myself that I was choosing to over eat. My rational brain kicked in before it got into a full on binge like the old days so i’m grateful for that and the work is paying off but I’m curious to know what you would advise and what / how I can take some learning from this experience. I’ve been on point and not strayed from my protocol for over a month and this as my third joy eat (actually with each of them i’ve tended to over do it so perhaps I need to apply more discipline with my joy eats to experience them better?) Thank you