Joy Eating

Hi Brooke!

I’ve been listening to your podcast for awhile and I finally took the leap and became a Self Coaching Scholar. I didn’t think I could swing it financially, but I decided to be creative instead of broke. (I hope to dive into the ‘Money’ courses at some point but am focusing on overeating first and foremost).

First I want to say, I’m on board. I’m willing. But I’m going to have questions, and I know you welcome that. I just watched the second Stop Overeating video about the Stardust bars and here’s what I’m coming up against: I know many naturally thin, ‘normal’ eaters who wouldn’t give up all foods and eat only for fuel because food IS enjoyable at times. When I imagine that I have to do things differently than most of the people I know because of my struggles, it makes me feel like I’m an addict and I can’t control my impulses, so I have to stay away from these things that trigger me. It feels extreme, and I want balance. I want to be able to have an ice cream cone or a donut every now and again for fun, especially because I’m from the states and I live in the UK, so when I go home, there are foods I look forward to that I don’t usually get to have. (This is already a big concern of mine as I’m going home in November over Thanksgiving, but I also know it’s too early to concern myself with that because who knows where I’ll be after 2 months of SCS!)

Is cutting out all pleasurable foods temporary in this process in terms of having an initial period where we uncover the underlying issues or is it a permanent practice? I’m 27 and I’m not overweight, but it’s true that I don’t have the relationship with food that I want where it doesn’t have that emotional pull on me.

Thanks so much,