Joy eating

Is it still considered a joy eat if I don’t do the tedious powerful worksheet with it?

For example, we planned a party for my boyfriend’s birthday with mac n cheese (my favorite), and cookie cake.

I know Brooke says a joy eat is typically just one item, but technically I ate 2 different items off protocol.

We were at the party so I did not do a worksheet while sitting with everyone at the table.

I ate the quantities I wrote down when I planned my meals the day before.

I tried to enjoy each bite, but at the end of the day, I mostly just ate it unconsciously and moved on with my evening.

Am I doing this wrong? In other words, should I have just eaten non-joy eat foods and done a different joy eat at a different time/on my own?

Is it defeating the purpose of the joy eat if I don’t do the worksheet with it?

Any info is helpful. Thanks!