Joy eating

Hi Brooke!

I am on board with my SO protocol but the joy eating is very difficult . There is so much chatter about it in my brain. It always opens up a Pandora’s box of issues for me. I find myself sometimes thinking that I don’t even need a joy eat , but then cheating by extending joy eat, and losing control. I have to say that I am getting better and better at re-gaining control.

Could you say more about what is going psychologically during joy eating? It feels like we are intentionally losing control to build back the muscle of regaining it , but I would love to hear you talk more about it. I feel that learning how to do this is about more than the food and that it is going to be a life changing skill for me.

PS – the SCS program is awesome ! The daily homework practice is helping me gain traction with some of my issues! Thank you so much !