"Joy" eats?

Hi Brooke,

I watched all of your Overeating course and just revisited the video titles and workbook to try to find out what your position is on “joy” eating. The only reference I see is in the workbook where I believe you mention we need to decide if we want “joy” eats in our protocol. The reason I ask is that I recently wrapped us an 8 week NSNF course with Corinne. I did include a few “joy” eats which included sugar and flour during the course and I noticed that I did okay with the first few, but after that it turned into a “slippery slope”. I am now 5 days of being off protocol and I feel like SHIT (which is good I’m really grateful for bc it just reinforces that NSNF is for me! Yay!). I just finished the book Bright Line Eating and the brain science explanations really resonate with me, as do some of the things I have heard you say about chardonnay, like how you just don’t want to spend all that time THINKING about it… If feels like REALLY HARD WORK for me to manage my brain around cake, so I guess my question is, what is your overall position on joy eating that includes sugar and flour? I know Corinne says it isn’t particularly useful to tell the story “I’m addicted to XYZ…” and I know you don’t say that about yourself and chardonnay… What is the most useful way to think about this?

Thank you!