Joy Eats

I’ve been about 5 pounds away from my goal weight for about 3 months. I’ve noticed a pattern with my joy eats that didn’t seem to be there while I was actively losing weight. I’m overeating my joy eats. The thoughts around this are something along the lines of that wasn’t good enough. Like the joy eat has to be “worth it” or “satisfying” or “not wasted.” I keep finding other things to eat until I feel it was sufficient. To be specific, this weekend we went to a birthday party where I planned to have a burger with chips and dip and dessert. At the party the burgers did not look appealing. So I had the chips and dip and dessert at the party, then crackers, meat, and cheese until I felt at a +4. Because the burgers didn’t look appealing I didn’t want to “waste” my joy eat on something I didn’t really want. Typically, though, this looks like me having a planned joy eat and then 3-5 other things to go with the joy eat.