Do “Joy Eats” decrease desire?

I was wondering if incorporating a weekly joy eat into my protocol will help to get my desire under control. This past week has been out of control…I was rocking out my protocol for 11 straight days and then I got a little too big for my britches & didn’t honor my plans over the weekend, which cycled into an entire week of blown eating (good all day & then binging at night). My original protocol looked like this:

Am coffee w. almond milk
noon: salad w/ protein, avocado, & balsamic vinegar
6: repeat lunch or 4 oz, protein & veggies

I felt good but hungry all the time. I think I might have gone a bit too hard core right out of the gate and that made my desire sooo intense I just crashed (to be fair this is also my chronic history of yo-yo dieting…hardcore no desire for food to all encompassing obsession with food). I really want to squash the desire for food more than I care about loosing weight so that is why I’m thinking a joy eat might help me.