Joy Eats turned bad

I am already at a good weight, just at the refining place, and am very active teaching power yoga and lifting 4-5 days a week. My issue is more about wanting to conquer my storm eating pattern. I consistently go into binging with my Joy Eats. I have a thought that maybe I shouldn’t do Joy Eats given my past of disordered eating. I also have food intolerances and IBS, so the aftermath can last a week of acne and bloating. I have never had alcohol, but have alcoholism in my family and see this bingeing on food as very similar, like sugar is my alcohol.

I thrive for 6 days when I eat my protein, fat and veggies. I have eaten this way for so long, that it takes little effort and feels great. I always feel in control before my Joy Eat, but then my brain starts rationalizing and I almost feel like it triggers an emotional release, which turns into the storm of all of my anxieties. Are Joy Eats for everyone?

C: I Joy Eat once a week
T: I can’t control myself once I let down my guard
F: Out of control, weak, a victim
A: I keep eating, unable to stop, I eat foods that hurt my stomach and that I am allergic to
R: I don’t control my Joy Eats, I put my guard up to defend my storm eating pattern

C: I Joy Eat Once a Week
T: I can plan and enjoy a simple treat
F: At peace, Happy, Strong
A: I eat one treat, once a week and stop when it is no longer enjoyable
R: I actually enjoy my Joy Eat

How’d I do?