joy eats, weigh ins, and coach training

1. i’m avoiding joy eats because my progress has been so exciting, i don’t want to put off additional progress. is this ok? or do you recommend keeping joy eats?

2. i watched the advanced weight loss q&a you did this month called “weight loss vs fat loss” and had this question: do you think joy eats contribute to filling those cells up again with triglycerides, thus delaying the “whoooosh” effect? (ps i have no idea if i used any of those terms correctly but i hope you understand what i’m trying to say lol. if not, totally fine).

3. also in regard to the “weight loss vs fat loss” video, i think i may be one of the crazies you described who are a lil exxxtra with our weigh ins haha. although i had no idea i was a crazy until you kept describing them in depth lol. i do the exact same thing first thing in the morning: i wake up, pee, weigh myself naked, then record the weight in my food journal. i feel like this helps me better gauge my progress because it feels more accurate when i do it the same way every day, aaand it also prevents any drama from being created in my mind about how much my clothes weigh, etc. is this ok as long as i’m not using the number on the scale to justify any violaton of my protocol? i felt like your main point was to not use the scale as a reason to pull your dedication to your protocol because it has no way of relaying true physiological progress…. am i correct in my interpretation of your schpeel?

4. i got my eyes set on online coach training in october which i just found out about a couple days ago, but it’s going to take me a month to get the money together and i’m nervous about missing the enrollment window. is there an enrollment deadline date?