Judged by teenage kids

I have two teenage daughters and I am struggling with my feelings about them. I feel constantly criticized by them. They make fun of the words and phrases I use. “No one says that anymore, Mom.” And act like I am a big embarrassment. It is like somehow they get to decide what “cool” and acceptable are, and I always find myself on the outside.
I take it personally and then I feel bad about myself, and rejected by them.

C: Kids say the words I use are old-fashioned
T: I am old-fashioned and an embarrassment
C: Ashamed
A: Distance myself, get defensive, argue with them
R: I am embarrassing myself by my reactions/overreactions

I know that it is my thoughts about the situation that is making me feed bad. They are allowed to think whatever they want about the words and phrases I use. Can you help me come up with some new thoughts about the situation?