Judgement around friendships

Hey Brooke,

Okay I’ve been trying to do a thought download around my beliefs/judgements regarding friendships. I consider myself more introverted and lean towards making more meaningful connections with people vs a lot of superficial friendships. I have 7 really good friends who I love but none of them live in the City that I do. I have 2-3 friends in my town who I enjoy but don’t spend time with very often because they have families and I don’t. Doing the belief exercise I’ve found I have this belief that to be happy, cool, significant, etc you should have a lot of friends or a strong community. I’m critical of myself for not having this where I live and I notice I’m afraid when I do meet new people they’ll find out I “have no friends” and see me as desperate or that there’s something wrong with me. I guess I find it interesting that I prefer having small, intimate friendships/community yet judge myself and also believe I should have a large thriving community where I live to be happy/relevant/cool etc. I did a couple of models but had trouble coming up with an intentional thought. I can believe the thought I already have good friends, but I genuinely want to build friendships in my town but without the judgement and pressure.

Unintentional C: Friends T: I should have more friends F: shame/inadequate A: Compare online, buffer R: no new friends.

Intentional: C: Friends T: ?? F: connected A: ?