Judgement on Way of Being Feminine

I love to be feminine, very quiet and soft, gentle and graceful. I feel like it is my true self and I’m ready to embody this more.

I’d say for the past ten years I’ve practiced a more masculine energy but I am ready to set that one down.

I find when I am embodying my feminine I am very quiet, minding my own business and doing what I want to do around the house. Sometimes my husband will say “what’s wrong with you, why aren’t you talking, are you mad?” I respond with no but it seems my quiet way of being triggers something in my family.

I’ve noticed when I practise being feminine lately the thought I have is “my family is going to think I’m mad, or I’m a b*tch for not talking to them so much, or I want them to know I’m happy”. These thoughts result in my talking and being louder and embodying an energy I don’t want.

I would love to be okay with being in that feminine energy.

Thank you!