Judging cont’d

I was just reading the answer to the question “Judging” that includes:

“When you believe she shouldn’t be leaving her 16 and 18 year old sons on the weekend until she returns on Sunday, you feel mad. When you feel mad, you think about her and what she’s doing, you think about calling her out on it, you want to run her life by telling her what she “should” be doing, you think about your nephews being alone and you assume that’s a problem that you need to fix.
When you act in this way and become preoccupied with what she’s doing, and you continue to think she shouldn’t be doing what she is, you fight against reality and this “pattern of judgment” keeps happening for you.
The reality is that she should be doing what she’s doing, because she is. There’s nothing wrong or right in her action. It’s simply action. She stays with her boyfriend from X to X time. Those are the facts.
This C doesn’t mean anything until you give it meaning with your thoughts.”

When I read the sentence “There’s nothing wrong or right in her action”, I wonder if she was to leave a 2 and a 4-year old, for example. I believe that would be very wrong.

So, where do we draw the line in our brains regarding if something is right or wrong? I am wanting to better understand the ideas of not fighting against reality, the neutrality of circumstances, and judgment, please. Thank you in advance for your response.