Judging my peers in order for me to feel good

Hi-ya coaches!

Thank you for always being there for us! Your wisdom and knowledge is incredibly important in this journey. 🙂

So here is my question. I am in certification right now and I had a peer coaching session yesterday where I was the client, and my peer was the coach.

I felt very confident and clear throughout the session, and on some level felt like I was carrying and redirecting the session a few times though out. After the session, I noticed that I was feeling this burst of self-confidence, but not coming from a good place. Coming from a place of judging my peer for not being good – so, therefore, I am good. I am struggling with this model a bit. Can you help?

C: Coaching session with my peer where I was the client

T: She feels a little forced and not in a zone during the session

F: First felt empowered and self-confident and then quickly moved to disappointed in myself for judging her

A: Judging myself that I am a person who needs to put other people down in order to feel good about themselves. Questioning why I am judging her etc,

R: Kind of took me out of my zone of being focused on Coaching work because I am distracted by emotions of being someone who judges other in order to feel good.

This model feels a little sloppy. Can you help tighten and clean it up? Is there a new direction I could go for my intentional model? Something like: “We are just all beginners here” feels okay, but not quiet in the direction I need to go even though that thought is 100% believable.

Thank you!