Judging my purpose

I keep having thoughts about my decided purpose of “I want to keep learning and doing and experiencing new and interesting things.” My reason for choosing this was because it comes naturally to me and I find it really fun. I don’t always keep doing things after I’ve tried them and I don’t try to monetize everything, but sometimes I think I should. Though in the last year I’ve studied Spanish and online marketing and EFT and of course Scholars and ukulele etc. I don’t think it would be practical to turn all my interests into a business.

The other thing is, as I’ve read through other’s purposes and listened to study hall, I start to think my purpose is shallow and pointless because it doesn’t involve helping others or saving anyone and my reason for choosing it is just because I think it’s really fun to learn things. You went over this in this month’s book, how watching Netflix or being mother Theresa is all the same in worthiness, but I’m still not wrapping my brain around this. At first when I wrote my purpose it made me smile… now my thoughts are saying…. this is dumb and you need a “nobler” purpose because having rotating hobbies on the side is a waste of time. Of course thinking this is halting my Spanish progress and keeping me from buying that sewing machine so I can learn how to make my own clothes….

My brain hurts.