Judging my thoughts

I work as a physiotherapist. I have a common pattern of worrying while I am working with a patient. I notice that I don’t exactly know the answer to their question, or I am considering all of the possible answers and feel overwhelmed by finding the “right” one.
Then I get a sensation of my brain going slower/clunking.
Then I panic, and judge my brain going slower and proceed to yell at myself. Which of course only makes that moment more challenging to stay focused on my client.

I think I have two models going on.

C: working with clients
T: I don’t know what to do
F: fear
A: I notice my brain clunking, spin into a judgement model, not being present with my client
R: don’t give my client a good answer, I feel exhausted, terrible

My judgement model:
C: my brain goes slower
T: Don’t make a mistake. You aren’t safe if you make a mistake.
F: Panic
A. try to stop freaking out without my client noticing, spin in my head, dissociate from what is in front of me, think furiously about what is the right answer, have 2 conversations – one in my head, and one with my client in front of me
R. I don’t focus on my client and what I do know

Actually now that I write it out, they seem very similar.

I have done some thought downloads and journaling.
What are good questions to ask myself?
I tried:
-So what?
-What does the judgement want to show me? What is it afraid of? – I have answered : it is worried for my safety, it thinks that if I do it right I will never make a mistake ever again. Which I know is not correct.

I have tried more unicorns and daisies of “Thanking my judgment for trying to keep me safe” but that feels too big of a leap.

I guess I just want to be okay if judgment shows up.
Any thoughts or tips on where to go next?