Judging myself once I have the awareness

The work in SCS is absolutely fantastic and blowing my mind. Daily.

I love the awareness but now find that I am judging myself for having “negative” thoughts or when I find I am not in belief regarding my ability as a parent, in my efforts to become a life coach, or as a partner. I find I am beating myself up saying that well, my thoughts create my results and look what these thoughts are creating.

I also find myself anxious when I am in a negative emotion, wondering if I am creating negative results – like impending doom. It makes it hard for me to work my way out of that anxiety. I am working on breathing through it and doing my best to release judgment of myself.

I have heard coaches mention that this is common with new scholars and students. Could you please elaborate on this and teach me some more? It feels like it spirals down very fast. And I am having trouble catching it. Thank you so much!