Judging others and myself

How do I stop being so judgemental? I’m assuming my judgements about others are really because I’m judging myself and not accepting myself and not having compassion for myself.

I don’t want to believe this is true because I’ve done so much mind and thought work for so many years now.

Sometimes before I even I wake up in the morning, I’m defending myself for the way I’ve treated people or been in friendship with people. This sometimes turns into judgement toward the other person about who they were and how they showed up or didn’t show up to the situation.

These are often circumstances I’ve already gotten lots of coaching on so it’s frustrating that they resurface in my brain before I’m even fully awake. And then follow me throughout the day.

I want to have more compassion for myself and others and especially be an example of these things to my kids. My girls and son are college age and I feel like I’ve already trained them to be the same way even though I was hoping I was teaching them to be independent of what others think of them I think instead I’ve taught them to be judgemental and not compassionate with themselves or others.

I’m sure this last sentence isn’t 100% true but it feels like it’s true this morning.