Judgment and Blame

Is there a useful general thought to hold onto to support me to stop being so prescriptive in my expectations of others (and myself)? Sometimes its hard to thought download when there are so many judgements going on. And even when i have recognised specific thought errors, my reactions and internal responses are so habitual and ingrained that i cant keep up! Is it a case of one small step at a time? An example; my partner and i keep squabbling about our different approaches to parenting. I pull the ‘i’m a trained therapist you should listen to me’ card; he doesn’t. We both think we’re right. I have realised i think I’m entitled to be more right than he is because I’m a therapist and have spent many years learning about behavioural consequences, my own blind spots etc. (Im laughing out loud at myself right now). But still, recognising the fault in my thinking doesnt help me in the moment. I still get so annoyed and find it hard to back down. Any suggestions? Thank you!