Being Judgmental: Observation or pure Evil

Hi Brooke!
In working on my feelings this month, I find that I tend to be very judgmental towards others and end up feeling badly about it. It starts with a sentence in my mind about something and I don’t feel very good when I do it, but I also don’t act on them either. I.e. I don’t voice my judgment, especially if it’s someone on Social Media. I usually just keep my judgment to myself, and then feel badly about judging them.

I really want to stop doing it, but so far I’ve only eliminated the C’s in most cases by unfollowing people or limiting my interaction with people I usually have a judgment about. (Out of sight out of mind) I’ve caught myself several times and interrupt the thought or dismantle it altogether. But I end up going back to doing it with other circumstances.

I’m struggling with this because most times I could argue that it’s just an observation and mean no harm with it and they are just my thoughts about something. But sometimes, it stems from a negative place that I don’t like, like disgust.

How can I stop? Should I start with a default thought?