Judgmental thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts about liberals.

C Humans on the planet have thoughts and feelings that create actions that entail voting for democrats
T Liberals are stupid, lazy, overweight, and poor (Ahhhhh I hate that I think this!!!!!)
F Judgment
A I don’t look at myself, I condemn them, I feel feelings of dislike, I create division, I don’t respect them, I think I’m better than them, I don’t hangout with them, I act fake nice around them, I still like them but I am not fully accepting of them

I’m having trouble finding the result. I’m trying to do Byron Katie’s turnarounds… But I don’t think I’m stupid, lazy, poor or overweight.

I know that not every single liberal is stupid lazy, poor, or overweight, but a lot of them are.

I mean, I DO have some friends who are more liberal, but I don’t discuss politics or anything meaningful with them and I secretly judge them and I am fake around them.

I want to be ABOVE politics, but clearly I’m not.

I guess my question is, in general, how does one get past negative judgments they have about others that they still think are true? What’s the way out of this?