Judgments as projections of myself

I’m diving into the Week 1 Day 1 work this morning. My first relationship I’m working on is with my boyfriend. My judgments of him included things like: He doesn’t value the house being clean. He drinks too much. He doesn’t listen to me when I’m talking. He doesn’t work out and try to be healthy. etc.

When it comes to the part about circling the judgments that are also true about myself, I’m having some trouble. While I know I’m not perfect, I feel like I have these things as judgments because I value them myself and try my best to do or not do them. For example, I definitely value a clean house, I hardly ever drink, I try to be very present when people are talking, and I work out everyday and try to eat healthy.

Then how are these things a project of myself? Maybe I’m not seeing it in the right way. Some outside perspective and guidance is much appreciated!